Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Never Beyond Repair

If you have read my previous blogs, you know that I often feel so broken, I'll never be repaired.  People have tried to fix me, and they've failed miserably and often give up on me - as if I'm some broken toy and when they can't fix me, I'm thrown into the garbage.  Even if people can't fix us though, does that mean we can't be repaired?  Are our hearts always going to be broken?  In this life we will have many struggles and brokenness.  We won't be fully repaired until the day we are with Jesus.  People can't fix us, we sure as hell can't fix ourselves, so who can?


He CAN repair us!

I'm very broken, my heart seems un-repairable, but He is slowly putting the pieces back together.  He is making me whole.  He is making me new.  Am I still going to have struggles?  Of course!  Am I going to have screw ups and failures?  Definitely!  But He is changing me.  I am learning how Jesus views me.  I'm not going to lie, it's difficult.  When you've looked at yourself poorly for more than two decades, it's a difficult habit to break.  But I am slowly seeing that He sees me differently than I see myself.  He sees me as worth dying for.  I'm not some annoying leech that will suck him dry (many people see me as a leech - I've been called one several times).  He wants me to go to Him.

He wants you to go to Him too :)

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