Wednesday, August 23, 2017

It Broke His Heart

When we think of God, I think we often think He's this distant being in the sky who has no real emotions except for anger.  That He's just going to judge us and send us to hell if we're not "good" enough.  There are even debates whether God even has emotions.  I believe that He does have emotions and a lot more than just anger.  Jesus was/is God and He had many different emotions!  He got angry, He got sad, He got happy, you see it all throughout the Gospels.  But we're not going to focus on Jesus in this entry.  In this one, we're focusing on God the Father.  Does He have emotions like the rest of us do?

In the beginning of Genesis 6, we see that people are doing a lot of evil things (though it doesn't list all of what they're doing, we just know it's evil).  Their actions are evil, and their thoughts are evil.  We see that the "sons of God" were getting women pregnant as well.  What are the sons of God?  There's debate on what/who they were, but the popular belief is that they were fallen angels - the Nephilim.  The stuff people were doing was so bad, that it actually broke God's heart, and He regretted ever creating people.

So the LORD was sorry he had ever made them and put them on the earth.  It broke his heart.

Genesis 6:6

It broke his heart.....

People broke His heart......

God isn't this emotionless being in the sky who's job is to just judge people.  His heart broke.  We see it in Jesus as well.  His heart broke, He had compassion, He even wept!  How can we say God has no emotions?  Of course He does!  WE break His heart.  When we turn to other things than Him, we break His heart.  When we hurt others, it breaks His heart.  When we, ourselves, are hurt, it breaks His heart.  The evil in our hearts breaks His heart.

God made us to be in perfect union with Him.  We've really screwed up on that one though - so we have to wait until after we've died or He comes back for that to happen.  We were made perfect in His image.  But there is A LOT of evil in the world, and that includes evil people.  

His heart breaks, not just for people, but that also includes you and me.  His heart breaks for you.  His heart breaks for me.  His heart breaks for Joe Shmoe and Jane Doe.  His heart breaks for each and every one of us.  When we hurt, He hurts too.  Take comfort that He is a God who feels for us.  Take comfort that He loves you so much, that His heart breaks for you.

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