Monday, July 27, 2015

Same Sex Marriage and Parenting

There was a video by The Young Turks I saw about a girl who came out against same sex marriage, even though she had two moms.  She said she loved both moms and they treated her well, but she really wanted a dad.  TYT tore her to shreds.

This really isn't fair of TYT to give this girl flack for wanting a father in her life.  It's very important for children to grow up with both a mother and father and when there is only one, it's a tragedy.  This shouldn't be something celebrated, it's a tragedy!  No matter how feminine a man might be, he can't be the role of a mother, and no matter how masculine a woman might me, she can't be the role of a father.

You might say, "Isn't two mom's or two dad's better than just one parent?"  NO!  It's not!  Children need the nurturing from a mother and the protection from a father.  A mother will nurture her children and a father will protect them.  You need both a mother and a father.  You look at divorce and it's tragic, the separation between spouses, especially if children are involved.  Single parenting (not speaking from experience since I don't have kids) is very difficult. 
Whether it's because the former spouse wants nothing to do with the kids or the spouse has died, it's very hard and is a tragedy.  We don't look at those situations and celebrate, we feel bad for them, we want to help them.  What good does two mothers and two fathers do?  The spouses can maybe support each other but the proper care that children need come from both a mother and a father.  A mother will teach her daughter how to be a good wife some day and teach her son what to look for in a wife.  A father will teach his daughter what to look for in a husband and teach his son how to be a good a husband some day.  It's funny, I've heard many stories of how the person you marry is like your parents, and I look at the person I married and it's so true.

You might say, "Well, you got to marry the person you love, shouldn't everyone get that chance?"  It's not a matter of if I love him or not.  I love a lot of different things.  I love tacos!  I'm not going to marry tacos.  I love my brother, I'm not going to marry my brother.  But sibling love is for another topic.  There are different types of love.  The Greeks had four types of love: Agape, Phileo, Eros, and Storge.  Storge is love between parents and children.  Phileo is friendship.  Eros is pretty obvious, erotic or sexual love.  Agape is God's love.  A homosexual love can have phileo and eros, but I don't believe they can have storge or agape.  Maybe storge to an extent, but not to the full extent.  The reason is because they cannot reproduce.  You may say, "There are heterosexual couples who can't reproduce too."  True, but most can.  Homosexuals CANNOT reproduce.  You cannot have two eggs to have a baby, and you can't have two sperms to have a baby.  You have to have an egg and sperm to have a baby.  Personally, I believe only God can have agape love, but if it's possible for people to have agape love, homosexuals cannot have this type of love because homosexuality is an abomination to God.  Agape love would be able to be a love we could have for God I think, but again, I personally don't believe any person can have this type of love, only God has this love - eternal love.  So if homosexuals cannot provide storge love to children, and cannot play the proper roles as parents, it only shows they are not fit to be parents.  They could be the most loving people, but that does not mean they are fit to be parents. 

The absence of one parent is very difficult on children, even when they grow up to be adults it can be very difficult for them.  Don't make this even harder on the kids.  If you're an absent parent, spend time with your kids, they'll appreciate it and you will too.  You may not now, but later on you will.  Buying them things isn't what they need, they need YOU.  Be there for them.  They need you.  Even if they don't appreciate you now, some day they will. 

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