Sunday, December 11, 2016


So I had this dream last night, and I think it's my brain trying to make sense of things from last year and this year.

So in my dream, I had two final papers to write at school and then I was graduating.  The papers were on if I could go anywhere in the world, where would I want to go to and why?  The first one was Kyoto, Japan.  I love Japanese history.  The second one was Waikiki Beach in Hawaii.  I've been there before and loved it there.  I've also been playing Pokemon Sun for more than 90 hours which is loosely based on Hawaii so that's probably where I got the want to go back.  After I turned in the papers I headed to my graduation.

As I head to the graduation ceremony, one of my best friends handed me a letter and said it was from someone who used to be a really good friend of mine.  I thought it was odd since I haven't talked to this person in over a year.  Everyone kept telling me to not read it, but there was a part of me that wanted to believe it would be a good letter.  I started to read the letter during the ceremony to myself and it said a bunch of horrible stuff.  Included was a passport and the letter said "You can go anywhere you want with this passport, just leave the country or I'm going to come after you."  I cried and couldn't read the rest of the letter (by the way, I'm choosing not to put their names on here because I'd rather not dishonor them like they have to me).  All of a sudden the two former friends came into the graduation ceremony with weapons and everyone panicked.  I tried to run away from them and hide, but the caught up to me.  My former best friend was laughing and had apparently betrayed me for over $994,000.  The other friend was going to torture me now that he had caught me.  He was either going to pull out my teeth molars, or sew glass into my skin where the bones are (like the elbows, I think this part of the dream represents my problem with cutting).  As he started sewing glass into me (obviously no anesthesia), a female archer came in.  She came from Japan and started shooting arrows at everyone who was trying to hurt me.  She came to save me.

I know, crazy dream right?  There are some details in there though that seem to close to real-life events though to be just a dream.  That's why I think it's my brain trying to make sense of things.  The letter in my dream?  Earlier this year my husband, mom, and former friend had been e-mailing back and forth to each other trying to end things on good terms.  The final e-mail my husband and mom got was really bad and they told me not to read it, without actually telling me what was in it.  I ignored them though and read it.  It was so bad I literally couldn't read the whole e-mail.  One of my best friends did betray me, but I'm not going to get into details what happened.  I have tried to escape what all happened last year and this year, but it seems like no matter how far I seem to go, the problems with these two people always seems to come back to haunt me.  The female archer, I guess I've just so badly wanted someone to save me from all this.  All these crippling problems.  I woke up really sad this morning.  Memories from these two friends just came pouring out when I woke up.  Memories I can't seem to be able to forget.

How about you?  Do you ever have dreams that seem to be your brain trying to make sense of events in your life?

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