Monday, December 26, 2016

Alison's Choice

Merry Christmas everyone!  There are a couple things I want to blog about but I'll just do one of them for now and the other one tomorrow.

For Christmas my husband got me a dvd of "Alison's Choice," a Bruce Marchiano film.  I've been wanting to see it ever since it came out, unfortunately it was only showing in a select few theaters and none were in my state.  If you want to see it, don't read this blog entry because I'l be revealing spoilers.  So again, if you don't want to read SPOILERS, DON'T READ THIS BLOG ENTRY!!!!


Okay, so the film is about a girl named Alison (obviously).  She's a teenager in love with her boyfriend (who turns out to be quite the loser).  She finds out she's pregnant and when she tells her boyfriend (Rick) he encourages her to get an abortion because if she has the baby, it will tear their relationship apart.  She goes to an abortion clinic and while waiting in the waiting room, she's not really sure if she wants to go through with it or not.  She wants to to please her boyfriend, but while there when she wants to talk to him for comfort, all he does is talk to her through text.  He won't even go there to be with her.  In comes a janitor.  He starts talking to Alison and it turns out he's actually Jesus under disguise!  He tries to convince her as well as other women to not get abortions.  Every time a girl would go in to get an abortion, he'd start crying. At one point Alison asks him why he's crying and he says, My babies!  They're killing my babies!"  At that point, I nearly cried.  There's something about seeing Jesus cry that is really moving.  She goes in the back to be alone and starts sobbing on the floor.  She falls asleep for a short moment and she begins to dream about her and her baby (who is a girl) playing.  She wakes up finding out she was actually screaming in her sleep!  One of the nurses talks to her and tells her she's had 5,000 terminated.  She says she does want when she wants it.  Then the doctor comes in to talk to Alison and tells her she doesn't have a baby growing inside her, but it's a just a blob.  Alison questions him though about that.  She says "this baby has a heart that's beating!  If this weren't a baby, would it be growing with a heart beat?"  The doctor is at a loss and tells her basically it's her choice whether to keep it or to get rid of it.  She walks past a covered tray, curious about what's underneath the hidden part, but walks away.  Jesus tells her she shouldn't look under the hidden part, but she wanted to anyway.  He shows it to her (which the screen goes black, which means she probably saw a dead baby).  He also shows her what her baby looks like inside her.  Her boyfriend, the nurse, and the doctor all encouraged her to get an abortion.  But Jesus was trying to convince her differently.  In the end you don't know what her decision was, but in the credits you hear a little girl singing Jesus Loves Me and you hear Alison talking to her, so I assume she didn't go through with the abortion.  This is a very moving movie.  It is not common for me to cry in movies, but my eyes watered up in this movie.  I definitely recommend this movie to everyone!

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