Tuesday, October 20, 2015

They Came For Me

The last blog "Falling" was part 1 of my creative writing I did last year.  This is Part 2 out of 3.

I stood there on guard...my enemies surrounded me.  They beat me to the ground before, they pushed me over and I fell into the pit of darkness.  They continually beat me up...but no matter what I keep getting back up...but it gets tiring.  They really beat me up hard the night before...I fell to the ground and they kept beating me on my head.  As they were beating me, I kept telling them, "My Father is the King and he is greater than you!"  But they continued to beat me on the head.  They finally left me, and I was left there to treat my wounds.  I cried out to my Father, "Please protect me from my enemies!  But, if it's not what you want, then please, hold my hand when they come after me, and fight these monsters with me by my side.  Give me the courage to stand and face them, and the strength to endure it, knowing you are there with me."  I traveled that day, my head still wounded.  I sang songs for my King and his Son.  They are so dear to me.  That night, I was surrounded by my enemies again.  My head aching, and my enemies still wanting to destroy me.  I stood there on guard...unsure of what to do.  I remembered the armor the King put on me, and I looked at each piece individually, and each piece had an inscription on it I never noticed before.  My belt said "Truth" across it.  The armor on my body said "Righteousness" on it.  My boots said "Peace" on them.  My shield said "Faith" across it.  My helmet said "Salvation" across it.  Then my weapon, my sword, it said on it "Spirit."  I was deeply afraid, but I whispered, "Father, my King, whatever you want, let it happen as you will it."  Suddenly, a bright light flashed...two people were standing in front of me...between my enemies and me.  My enemies stepped away from the bright light.  I tried to look but it was so bright I had to cover my eyes.  As the light dimmed down, I saw two men...It was the King and his Son!  They came to my rescue!  Some enemies growled at them while others shuttered in fear.  The Son gave them one look and his eyes became like fire, and the enemies ran away like scared dogs.  The King and his Son helped me up...I was relieved to see them.  The King's Son held my face in his hands as he smiled at me and I began to weep.  He held me close to him...gently stroking my hair with his hand.  He was so gentle and calm, I could almost fall asleep.  Suddenly, my head was no longer hurting anymore!  I touched my head, the pain was all gone!  He had a big grin on his face and chuckled a bit.  I bowed to him thanking him and he looked me in the eyes and said, "It's okay, I'm going to do a lot more with you than just heal a little headache."  I smiled a giggled a bit and realized, "I don't have anything to fear, The King and his Son really do have my back.  I can follow my mission no matter how much the enemy tries to stop me!"

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