Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Man and the Light

I wrote this on Facebook earlier this year.  It's just some creative writing.

I was in a dark place...alone.  I couldn't see anything but my pain.  I couldn't hear anything but my crying.  I fell to the cold ground, crushed by the overwhelming amount of pain I had to bear.  Then someone knelt in front of me, they were filled with light.
"Why are you crying?" the person asked me.
"The pain is overwhelming, and there is so little light in me.  I can't take this pain anymore." I answered.  The person in front of me lifted my weepy face and looked in my eyes, "Give me your pain, and I will give you more light."  I was taken aback, "Give you my pain?  It's too much!  Why would you want my pain?  It's too much of a burden."  The person held out their hand, "I can take it."  I slowly touched the other person's hand and the darkness in me started leaving me and going into the other person, while the other person's light started going in me!  When I let go, I was filled with light and joy, and the other person was filled with pain.  Then the person spread out their arms, looked up, and let out a breath and the darkness in them slowly left them in smoke!  It came out of their nostrils!  Suddenly they were filled with light again!  I asked the person, "Why, why did you take my pain?  Why did you give me your light?"  The person smiled and answered, "Because I love you."